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Triops Longicaudatus Complete Set Advanced II 50 eggs blue

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Dieser Artikel: Triops Longicaudatus Complete Set Advanced II 50 eggs blue


Triops longicaudatus Complete Set Advanced II

This set is very suitable for a small-scale breeding of Tadpole Shrimp. Gain some first experiences in the field fish-keeping and let yourself be inspired by the Tadpole Shrimp. It will be fun for the whole family.

This Triops Kit contains, next to a breeding tank made of plastic, 1.5 kg Tadpole Shrimp-suitable aquarium sand. For a regular check of the temperature, a glass thermometer is included in the delivery. For your Tadpole shrimp to enjoy an environment, warm enough for their needs, this Longicaudatus set includes a 7.5 Watt heater pad. It heats up the water to about two degrees above the surrounding temperature. As cleaning utensils you will receive a pipette, a syringe and a hand net. Those enable you to easily suck off or fish out uneaten food and Triops skin.  To ensure that your Tadpole Shrimp always have enough food available, as part of this set, you will find not only Spirulina young animal feed but also rearing food, staple food, Cichlids-granulate, as well as dried water fleas (Daphnia). As Triops-species, the set contains approx. 50 Triops Longicaudatus eggs in the breeding approach mix. For a successful breeding, we provide you with a step by step rearing guide.

Discover the long forgotten world of Tadpole Shrimp and embark on a journey - into the time of the dinosaurs!

Scope of Delivery:

Breeding tank, 30x20x21 cm
1.5 kg aquarium sand, 0.1 to 0.9 mm grain size
Water conditioner bag to improve the water quality
Glass thermometer with suction cup, scale of 0 - 50 ° Celsius
Heater pad 7.5 watts
Hand net
5 Grams young animal feed
15 Grams rearing feed
6 Grams staple food
15 Grams Cichlids-granulate
6 Grams Triops supplementary feed, i.e. water fleas Daphnia
Breeding approach mix with circa 50 Triops Longicaudatus eggs
Detailed rearing guide with many tips and tricks for your own Tadpole Shrimp breeding
Cleaning kit consisting of syringe and tube

Shipping weight: 2,50 kg
Item weight: 2,00 kg
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heute alles aufgebaut- wir sind gespannt optisch alles top und qualität toll

Bewertung meiner Bestellung 5 from 5
Stefanie ,DE

Toller Shop und schnellste Lieferung! Dieses Triops Longicaudatus Komplett Set Advanced II kann ich für den Einstieg nur empfehlen. Da wurde wirklich an alles gedacht! Als ich telefonischen Rat benötigte wurde mir sehr freundlich eine Auskunft gegeben!!!!! Als nächste werde ich mir in diesem Shop ein Aquarium kaufen.

Bewertung meiner Bestellung 5 from 5

Sehr gutes Set mit allem, was man benötigt! Ich kann es uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen!

Bewertung meiner Bestellung 5 from 5
Juliane ,DE

Aus ca. der Hälfte des Ansatzes 10 Triops geschlüpft.

Bewertung meiner Bestellung 4 from 5
Melanie ,DE

alles flott geliefert und aufgebaut, farbe stimmt, inhalt auch, bin happy :)

Alles wie es soll 5 from 5
Christian S ,DE
Total entries: 5

Wird oft zusammen gekauft

Dieser Artikel: Triops Longicaudatus Complete Set Advanced II 50 eggs blue