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What are Triops?

Hey, I’m Triopi, a Tadpole Shrimp! Maybe you have already heard of me or one of my relatives, the clam shrimps or Fairy Shrimps?! I will now take you on a journey through the world of Triops and introduce you to my life! Come along! In their jargon, researchers call me “Triops” or Tadpole Shrimp. We stem from different continents, such as America, Asia, Africa, Australia or Europe. We Triops lived in the Cretaceous period, during the Ice Age, back when the dinosaurs existed. By “us” I

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Triops lifespan – life expectancy of Tadpole Shrimps

How long do Triops and other Tadpole Shrimps live? The life expectancy of Triops and more generally Tadpole Shrimps is rather short as compared to other animals. If you are wondering how long your Triops will live, under optimum conditions in your aquarium, we can tell you that Triops, in general, will not get older than three months. The lifespan of other prehistoric Shrimps such as Fairy Shrimp, Clam Shrimp or Brine Shrimp is not higher either. Generalising, one could say: The

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Are Triops toys or creatures?

Do Triops belong in the pet store or are Tadpole Shrimps rightly placed on a toys shelf? Often the discussion is on whether it is species-appropriate to sell Triops in toy stores. Triops-eggs do not yet contain actual living Tadpole Shrimps. A Triops-egg consists of cells which can turn into Tadpole Shrimps only in combination with water. Nevertheless, Tadpole Shrimps are living beings and you ultimately would not buy a rabbit or a dog in the toy store or supermarket either. We have considered

Thats what our customers say

Over 20 animals! Very, very satisfied! Best approach I've ever had.
Regina Schulze - 18.03.2020 (Onlineshop)
Total beginners, nothing achieved with Galileo Kits. With Triops King Eggs, success on the first try.
Viviane - 09.05.2020 (Onlineshop)
Several Triops hatched after just three days! Excellent!
Christine D. - 20.12.2018 (Onlineshop)
3 nauplii hatched on the 3rd day and are very agile .. the delivery time was also great. I am super satisfied and excited to see how many of the 50 eggs will hatch. Everything was super packaged, got the eggs on the same day as the breeding tank and everything went great.
Pia Asmussen - 16.12.2019 (Onlineshop)
I ordered the egg-sand mixture with 50 eggs. An unbelievable number of Triops hatched, far more than 50 .... I am absolutely satisfied.
Matthias Zahner - 10.11.2019 (Onlineshop)
Fast delivery and over 20 pieces have hatched and are growing well.
Christian - 26.04.2020 (Onlineshop)

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