Aquariums – Fishkeeping Equipment for Tadpole Shrimp

Tanks for Tadpole Shrimp are no special aquariums in principle. It should merely be ensured, just like for any fish or Shrimp that you choose the right sized aquarium for your own needs and, most importantly, the needs of the Tadpole Shrimp. The selections of fish tanks are enormous and a lot of them are suitable for the use for Tadpole Shrimp. When buying the aquarium for your Tadpole Shrimp, make sure that you do not choose one that is too small. Especially for beginners in the field of fishkeeping, it is a common mistake that one buys a tank that is too small, as one thinks that, for instance, 10 liters are sufficient for 30 Tadpole Shrimp. As a rule of thumb one can say, however, 2 liters of water per every 1 Tadpole Shrimp are appropriate. At the beginning this may sound like of a lot of water for very few Tadpole Shrimp. However, we want to ensure that you do not overpopulate your aquarium with Tadpole Shrimp as this gradually leads to a lot of problems. Apart from triggering their tendency to cannibalism in an overpopulated aquarium where the Tadpole Shrimp will be eating each other, also will a lot of Tadpole Shrimp in a small space consume a lot of oxygen. Adding to that is the increased pollution due to excretion of the Tadpole Shrimp and an exponential multiplication of algae. As a result, it may happen that the nitrite content in the water increases in such a way that one day you take a look at your aquarium and find that all Tadpole Shrimp have died. To avoid this, we would like to ask you to provide a sufficiently large aquarium for your Tadpole Shrimp.

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