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Triops Zuchtset Deluxe II - Tadpole Shrimp Set

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Triops Breeding Kit Deluxe II - The great primeval crayfish set

The Triops Deluxe II breeding set offers a very good starting point for your own Triops breeding. During the compilation of the components, we made sure that all parts intermesh. In addition, it was ensured that you can use products such as heating element, filter or lamp, even for larger aquariums easily. Thus, Sit will be provided with the Triops breeding set Deluxe II, a primeval crayfish set, which is optimally tuned and offers space for about 15 Triops.

Overview of the components included in the Triops Deluxe Deluxe II Breeding Kit

Glass aquarium 40x25x25cm:

The aquarium is also real, three millimeters thick, float glass. Shock-bonded with high quality aquarium silicone, it offers a great look, 100% tightness. It has a volume of 25 liters

Aquarium sand 0.1 - 0.9 mm:

Included are three kilograms of aquarium sand with a grain size of 0.1 - 0.9 mm. Triops love to dig in the sand, so there should be enough. Due to the low grain, even smaller Triops have no trouble digging in the sand. Later, the Triops will bury their trio eggs there.


We supply a glass thermometer, which has a temperature range of Celsius (0-50) and Fahrenheit (30-120). The glass thermometer is 11 centimeters long and is attached by a suction cup also contained clearly visible on the inside of the aquarium glass. For cleaning, you can remove the glass thermometer at any time and then attach it again.

Heating element:

A 25 Watt heating element is completely sufficient for this pool. Even if you later decide for a larger aquarium, you can use this heating rod easily. This heater from the company Happet impresses with its compact design. The heating element is 20 centimeters long. With a rotary switch, it can be set exactly to the desired temperature. He is also 100% waterproof.

Lamp (LED):

We want to protect the environment and lead by example. That's why we chose the Triops Deluxe II Breeding Kit, an Odyssea LED bulb. The LED lamp is attached to the aquarium disc by two clamping screws. The LED lamp consists of 18 white LEDs with a power of 0.2 watts per LED.

Filter elements:

Part of our primitive crayfish set is an internal filter from Hailea. It delivers an amount of water of 50 - 200 liters per hour, depending on the regulation. The rated power of the RP200 internal filter is 3.5 watts. The dimensions of the compact inner filter are 113x65x162 mm. With this filter you can easily filter aquariums up to 60 liters.

Security document:

In order to avoid glass breakage in your aquarium, we put your new Triops aquarium on a safety pad. This prevents vibrations from being transmitted to your aquarium.

Gravel cleaner:

To extract water from your aquarium, you need a vacuum cleaner. With the help of the Mulmsaugers, you can suck away excrement, Triophaut and feed remainders Effortlessly from the underground of your aquarium.

Window cleaning:

To ensure that your panes are clear and transparent, a cleaning pad is available for cleaning. With this pad you can easily rub off all the algae from the discs.


The supplied landing net, originally designed as a shrimp net, is very suitable for Triops. He is gentle with the Triops, if you want to put them from one aquarium into another. Likewise, you can easily fish skins or dead Triops from the aquarium. The net is 32 cm long, the net has a diameter of 7 cm and a mesh depth of 3 cm.


To beautify your aquarium, we have opted for a small red telephone box. In the style of old London telephone booths, this is an eye-catcher in every Triopsaquarium. The phone booth measures 5x5x9.5 cm (lxwxh)


For the Triops breeding set Deluxe II we have selected the Triops style Triops Longicaudatus. On the one hand the Longicaudatus is probably the most well-known Triops, on the other hand it grows relatively fast and is therefore very exciting for children. The Longicaudatus feels most comfortable at temperatures above 24 ° Celsius. This is very easy to achieve with the supplied heating element. The Longi reaches a size of 5 - 7 inches including Schwanzgaben and is a very agile swimmer, as well as a passionate Digger. Its lifespan is between 60 and 90 days.

Delivery includes:

1 x 25 liter glass aquarium 40x25x25cm
3 kg of aquarium sand 0.1 - 0.9 mm grain size
1 x glass thermometer
1 x 25 Watt heating element
1 x mini clip-on LED lamp
1 x internal filter
1 x conditioner bag
1 x landing net
1 x Mulmsauger
1 x aquarium decoration red telephone box
1 x Aquarium Glass Cleaner Cleaning Pad
1 x security pad
5 grams of poultry feed
20 grams of rearing feed
20 grams
Shipping weight: 8,00 kg
Item weight: 7,00 kg
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sieht genau so aus wie auf dem Foto

Bewertung meiner Bestellung 5 from 5
Melanie ,DE

sehr schön und sieht gut verarbeitet aus

Bewertung meiner Bestellung 5 from 5
Melanie ,DE

... bestellte Produkte entsprach den Erwartungen, lediglich ist es meinen Sohn (trotz aller Sorgfalt) nicht gelungen Triopse aufzubringen, kann leider nicht abschätzten woran es lag - werden es sicher nochmals versuchen!

Bewertung meiner Bestellung 3 from 5
Patrick ,DE

Alles so, wie es sein sollte!!!!

Bewertung meiner Bestellung 5 from 5
Wolfgang ,DE

Sehr schnelle Lieferung, Donnerstag bestellt und Samstag erhalten. Erster Blick war sehr positiv. Ist aber noch nicht ausprobiert wurden, da noch Katzensitting.

Bewertung meiner Bestellung 4 from 5
Anja ,DE

Alles super

Bewertung meiner Bestellung 5 from 5
Doreen ,DE

Sehr schnelle Lieferung, ordentlich und bruchsicher verpackt

Bewertung meiner Bestellung 5 from 5
Ralf ,DE

25 von 50 Eiern geschlüpft.

Bewertung meiner Bestellung 5 from 5
Svenja ,DE

Ein nettes Set für alle die es unkompliziert mögen. Mit diesem Set ist man sofort startklar und hat fast alles was man braucht. Was mir in dem Set noch gefehlt hat war ein Wasseraufbereiter, es ist nur ein kleiner Conditionerbeutel dabei, den ich für das Aufzuchtsbecken verwendet hab. Man kann ihn zwar trocknen jedoch reicht er nur für bis zu 5 Liter. Ich hab also noch auf die schnelle Tetra AquaSafe gekauft. Die Schlüpfrate ist sehr gut im vergleich zu anderen Anbietern. Ich hatte nur 50 Eier bestellt und knapp die hälfte des Sand Eier Gemisches verwendet und hatte 13 Triops die geschlüpft sind und 10 davon haben überlebt und sich inzwischen prächtig entwickelt. Alles in allem ist dieses Set wirklich zu empfehlen.

Bewertung meiner Bestellung 5 from 5
Nadine ,DE

Gut verpackt und gut zu verwenden.

Bewertung meiner Bestellung 5 from 5
Jacob ,DE
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