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Triops Red Longicaudatus Tadpole Shrimp Starter Set Ultra 150 eggs

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Expert Tip:

We recommend buying at least 150 eggs. So you can only use half and have enough eggs for another breeding.

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Dieser Artikel: Triops Red Longicaudatus Tadpole Shrimp Starter Set Ultra 150 eggs


Triops Red Longicaudatus Tadpole Shrimp Starter Kit Ultra

Triops Red Longicaudatus are a fascinating type of Tadpole Shrimp. On one hand, they stem from the Longicaudatus, the best-known species of Tadpole Shrimp. On the other hand, they exhibit an unmistakable color. Although this Triops is an albino due to e genetic error, in good light he appears blazing red. Nevertheless, they do not get their red color about from food or through the lighting but as a result of their red blood and their albino characteristic.
Being a lively and playful contemporary, the Triops Red Longicaudatus is always on his best behavior. One could sit in front of the aquarium and for hours watch this Triops swim, eat or dig without getting tired of it. It reaches a size of about five to seven centimeters. The length of the Triops is always measured up to and including its tail fork. This Triops likes temperatures of 24 - 28 ° C best.

Once they turn two weeks old, they can produce Triops-eggs and bury those in the sand. If you want to know how you can start a new breeding of Triops Red Longicaudatus with those laid Triops-eggs, please click on the following link: how to properly prepare Triops-eggs

The Triops Red Longicaudatus Tadpole Shrimp Starter Kit Plus contains the breeding approach mix with Red Longicaudatus Triops eggs. In addition, we provide a selection of different kinds of food for a varied and tasty diet. For the first two weeks, the Spirulina algae powder is the optimal feed. From the age of two to four weeks, you can then feed our breeding food for Triops. When the Triops then get bigger and older, you can provide Cichlid granulate as of the fourth week. To improve the water quality, water conditioner is needed, which is also included in the kit. The bag contains leaves of the tropical almond tree which dispenses substances into the water that transform it into more fish-friendly kind. To ensure that your breeding of Triops Red Longicaudatus turns into fun for the whole family, you also receive an instruction for breeding Triops, included in the package. There, we show you step by step what you need to do, in order to have a lot of joy with these Tadpole Shrimp.

Breed your own Red Longicaudatus now and be amazed!

Triops-species "Red Longicaudatus":

Size: approx. 5 - 7 cm
Life expectancy: approx. 60 - 90 days
Temperature: approx.  24th ° C
Hatching rate: approx. every 4th egg hatches

Delivery includes:

1 x Breeding approach mix / egg-sand mixture Triops Red Longicaudatus eggs
5 Grams Spirulina algae powder as feed for the first two weeks
15 Grams rearing feed for feeding as of four weeks
15 Grams Cichlid granulate (medium grain size) for feeding from the age of two weeks
1 x Conditioner
1 x Rearing guide with useful information, tips and tricks for beginners and advanced breeders

Shipping weight: 0,05 kg
Item weight: 0,04 kg
productdetail_info1: Size: approx. 5-7cm
experttip: We recommend buying at least 150 eggs. So you can only use half and have enough eggs for another breeding.
productdetail_info2: Life expectancy: about 60 - 90 days
productdetail_info3: Temperature range: 25 - 28 °C
productdetail_info4: Origin: America
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