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Triops Newberryi Tadpole Shrimp Starter Set Ultra 1000 eggs

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Expert Tip:

We recommend buying at least 150 eggs. So you can only use half and have enough eggs for another breeding.

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Dieser Artikel: Triops Newberryi Tadpole Shrimp Starter Set Ultra 1000 eggs
Triops King food package - 9,99 € (14,99 €)


Triops Newberryi Tadpole Shrimp Starter Kit Ultra

The Triops Newberryi is considered a rarity among Tadpole Shrimp. The Triops Newberryi originated from West America and got its name from the city with the same name - Newberryi. It is one of the thermophilic Tadpole Shrimp, because this Triops-species feels only perfectly comfortable once temperatures reach more that 27 °Celsius. As a consequence, you should provide a suitable heat source, such as a heater rod, for the tank in which you want to breed your Triops Newberryi.

A striking feature is the pattern on its shell. His shell exhibits a dark brown tiger pattern on a light brown background. Although the Triops Newberryi is passionate about digging, it can also move through the tank very agile.

In order for your Triops Newberryi Tadpole Shrimp to not go short culinarily, you will find a selection of different food in this Triops Starter Kit Ultra. Spirulina algae powder for the first two weeks. For the subsequent two weeks, it contains 20 grams of our Triops rearing food. Once your Newberryis are four weeks or older, you can feed them Cichlid granulate. This way, is a balanced diet is guaranteed.

Three -weeks-old Triops Newberryis already produce their own Triops- cysts. With these cysts, also called Triops-eggs, you can start a new Triopszucht with just a few strokes of work. What exactly you need to do, we explain here: how to properly prepare Triops-eggs

A Triops-species which you should not miss as Triops fan, the Triops Newberryi.

Triops-species "Newberryi":

Size: approx. 4 - 6 cm
Life expectancy: approx. 50 - 70 days
Temperature: approx. 27 ° C
Hatching rate: approx. every 4th egg hatches

Delivery includes:

1 x Breeding approach mix (egg-sand mixture) with Triops Newberryi eggs
2 Grams Spirulina algae powder as feed for the first two weeks
15 Grams rearing feed for the age of four weeks
15 Grams Cichlid granulate (medium grain size) for feeding from the age of two weeks
1 x Water conditioner
1 x Rearing guide with useful information, tips and tricks for beginners and advanced breeders

Shipping weight: 0,06 kg
Item weight: 0,05 kg
productdetail_info1: Size: approx. 5-7cm
experttip: We recommend buying at least 150 eggs. So you can only use half and have enough eggs for another breeding.
productdetail_info2: Life expectancy: about 60 - 90 days
productdetail_info3: Temperature range: 25 - 28 °C
productdetail_info4: Origin: America
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