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Tetra Test 6in1

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Mit dem Tetra Test 6in1 können Sie in Sekundenschnelle prüfen, ob sich das Aquarienwasser in optimalem Zustand befindet.
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Dieser Artikel: Tetra Test 6in1


Tetra test 6in1

Quick and easy water quality check
Test strips for checking 6 water quality indicators in just 60 seconds
Determines the pH, carbonate and total hardness (KH + GH), nitrite (NO2), nitrate (NO3) and chlorine (Cl2) content.
pH - The pH-value provides information about the important for the health of fish acid or base content of the water. Ideal is a pH between 6.5 and 8.5.
KH - The carbonate hardness ensures a constant pH value. As a rule, a degree of hardness between 3 ° and 10 ° dH is recommended.
GH - The total hardness has a direct impact on the health of fish, plants and microorganisms. Ideal is a value between 6 ° and 16 ° dH.
NO2 - A zero-titrating nitrite level is an indication that the filter is doing its job and the water is harmless to the fish.
NO3 - The nitrate content provides information on how "fresh" the water is and how high the likelihood of algae growth is.
Cl2 - Provides information about the chlorine content of the water. Too high a value is harmful to beneficial bacteria and fish.
Good water quality is vital for fish and plants. However, you can not recognize them with the naked eye. For the welfare of the fish, it is therefore advisable to check the water quality of new aquariums every 2-3 days and once a week for already stabilized aquariums.
Pull the test strip a few times through the water. Shake off excess water. Compare the chlorine test section with the reference scale immediately afterwards. Wait approx. 60 seconds and compare the remaining test sections with the reference scale.

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