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Fairy Shrimp Streptocephalus sealii Tadpole Shrimp Starter Set 300 eggs

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Dieser Artikel: Fairy Shrimp Streptocephalus sealii Tadpole Shrimp Starter Set 300 eggs


Fairy shrimp Streptocephalus sealii Starter Kit

Streptocephalus sealii fairy shrimp are slightly smaller types of Fairy shrimp, whose length rarely reaches more than three centimeters. These Fairy shrimp are well suited for research and observing by children. Often, they are bred to serve as food for fish. However, we find that these great animals are better suited for being looked at rather than as feed. The Streptocephalus sealii find their origin in Asia. Fairy shrimp are freshwater animals, so they can easily be bred in distilled water or rainwater.

After the cysts came into contact with water, it usually takes 48 hours for the first Fairy Shrimp nauplii to slip. For better hatching rates, you should make sure to use a lamp as an additional light source. Streptocephalus sealii have a life expectancy of about two months. Fairy shrimp are Tadpole Shrimp without shells. As they, therefore, do not possess a natural physical protection to shield themselves from attackers, they are instead able to escape from predators by rapid swimming movements. Unless they feel in danger, they calmly glide through the aquarium.

Fairy shrimp are swimmers, not too keen on digging in the sand. They do not bury their eggs in the sand, like Triops, but simply release them on the ground.

Fairy shrimp are able to subsist on algae for the whole of their lives. You can, thus, feed them our Spirulina algae powder over the whole course of breeding.

Streptocephalus sealii bring tranquility and serenity into your home.

Fairy shrimp species "Streptocephalus sealii":

Size: approx. 1.5 to 3 cm
Life expectancy: approx. 50 - 70 days
Temperature: approx. 24 ° C.
Hatchability: approx. every 4th egg hatches

Delivery includes:
1 x Breeding approach / egg-sand mixture with Fairy shrimp Streptocephalus sealii eggs
2 Grams Spirulina algae powder
1 x Rearing guide with useful information, tips and tricks for beginners and advanced breeders

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