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Triops King übernimmt Triops Planet

When we received the offer to take over from the owners of Triops Planet one evening, after careful consideration and a few rounds of negotiations, we came to the decision to take over Triops Planet.

However, an online shop for tadpole shrimp was not just bought, but a promising merger was concluded, which resulted in a WIN WIN WIN situation.

This merger not only gives our customers top quality, as they are already used to from Triops King, but also a much larger selection of Triops and fairy shrimp. No online shop for tadpole shrimp offers such a large selection of species as Triops King.

The owners of Triops Planet can concentrate exclusively on breeding the tadpole shrimp in the future. As a result, we can guarantee a great diversity of species as well as high quality through regular quality checks and breeding by professionals. With Triops King, the two owners of Triops Planet have gained a permanently strong and reliable partner.

We at Triops King have gained a strong breeding partner and thus a not inconsiderable expansion of our biodiversity. As a result, we are able to supply our customers not only with the greatest diversity of species, but also with the greatest variety of quantities on the market.

We at Triops King always strive to offer our customers the best possible shopping experience and of course the best possible quality.

We look forward to you the new species such as, for example, in our new shop longicaudatus Black , longicaudatus multicolor , Mauritancius , cancriformis Mallorca , cancriformis Green , australiensis Green , beaver tail Feenkrebse and many more to offer.

We look to a good future and a long-term cooperation!

Your Triops King Team


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