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Water treatment - Aquarium accessories for prehistoric crabs

Water treatment - Aquarium accessories for prehistoric crabs

Water treatment is used to improve the water quality of your aquarium. Water purifiers are mainly used to set up the aquarium or to change the water. Thanks to the water purifier, it is possible for you to shorten the run-in times of your new aquarium enormously. You can eliminate pollutants immediately and allow your prehistoric crabs a better and possibly longer life. If you have already tested your water values, then you can counteract eventualities with various additives for your aquarium water. The nauplii (primeval crayfish after hatching) often have a hard time surviving in the first few days. With suitable water conditioners, it is possible to make your primeval crabs survive. Water treatment additives improve your aquarium water when used correctly and keep the biological balance in your aquarium. As a result, the primeval crayfish can feel better and there is also the possibility of a prolonged life.

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