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In our Fishkeeping Equipment Category you will find a wide selection of everything you need for a perfect tank. We offer aquariums which are all suitable for Tadpole Shrimp, in many different sizes, shapes and materials. From small breeding tanks, up to 54 liter glass aquariums – there is something ideal for everyone. In addition, you will find also low-consumption LED lamps, as well as aquarium filter, air pump and various cleaning supplies. For those who want to get involved with the matter of fishkeeping a little more, we have a comprehensive range of different water-tests and water-conditioners. For all creative minds, we offer not only a fine and normal aquarium sand but also a variety of aquarium-suitable colored seawater and freshwater aquarium gravel. Anyone who wants to give his aquarium something special and unique will find something in our Decoration section for fishkeeping. In addition to many seemingly real plastic plants, you will find many different decorative elements. All equipment you need for your Tadpole Shrimp aquarium can be found in the Fishkeeping Equipment category at Triops King.

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