Triops Zuchtset Deluxe I - The primeval crayfish set with Triopseier

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Triops Zuchtset Deluxe I - The primeval crayfish set with Triopseier

The Triops Breeding Kit Deluxe leaves nothing to be desired. It is the perfect set to start your own Triops breed. Our experts have put together this set so that all components can be easily transferred to a larger glass aquarium. This gives you a perfectly coordinated prehistoric crab set in which you can hold about 15 Triops. If your demands are getting bigger and you want to keep more Triops, you can buy a larger glass aquarium and use all the components.

Glass Aquarium:
Due to the rectangular shape and the no frills complete glazing, the 12 liter aquarium is an eye-catcher in every child as well as living room. High-quality aquarium silicone ensures a 100% tightness of the pelvis.

Aquarium sand:
We have packed two kilograms of aquarium sand with a grain size of 0.1 - 0.9 mm in this Triops breeding set. The bottom of the pool should be covered with sand for about two centimeters. Then the Triops can happily pursue their passion, the ditch, and bury their eggs in the sand unhindered. The grain size of 0.1 - 0.9 mm is from experience very good for this size of the aquarium, because even the smallest Triops can pursue their hobby.

The glass thermometer has a temperature range of Celsius (0-50) and Fahrenheit (30-120). The length is about 11 centimeters. It is attached by means of a suction cup on the inner aquarium disc. The thermometer can be removed, cleaned and re-attached at any time.

Heating element:
There is a 25 Watt heating element included. This is very well suited for aquaria up to 30 liters, so it can therefore also be used without problems for a slightly larger aquarium. We have made sure that it is a heating rod, which has a very compact design. This heating element is only 20 centimeters long including protection and adjusting element and thus optimally suitable for the aquarium we selected.

As we take care of the environment and keep up with the times, we decided in favor of a LED lamp in this Triops Deluxe breeding set. This lamp is attached with the help of two clamping screws at the edge of the aquarium. The LED lamp has a power of 3 watts and thus has a very low power consumption.

Filter elements:
The set includes an internal filter of the brand Hailea. It has a rated output of 3.5 watts and a water flow of 50 - 200 liters per hour. The filter element also impresses with its compact design. He has a size of 113 x 65 x 162 mm. The filter has enough power to properly filter larger aquariums, so you can easily use this internal filter for a larger volume aquarium.

Feed for primeval crayfish:

Young animals:
Our young food is Spirulina algae powder, it is characterized by a very high protein content of about 60% and a fat content of about 10%. The Triops nauplii should be given high protein food, so it is used by us for triops rearing in the first two weeks.

Breeding food:
From the age of about two weeks, our Triops breeding food can be fed. This food also contains a high proportion of algae. This makes it easy to digest for the primeval crayfish. It retains its consistency for a long time, so it is not water turbid and does not decompose in the water.

Since all ingredients are of the highest quality, it contains enough nutrients for good armor formation, easy moulting and therefore healthy growth of the Triops.

Wheat, corn, fish meal, crayfish flour, yeast, wheat germ, extruded soybean meal, dried eggs, cod liver oil, dried algae and astaxantin.

The cichlid granules can be used as a complete food for Triops, it is suitable for daily feeding. The high vitamin content, ensures healthy Triops in your aquarium. Cichlid food provides a balanced and healthy diet of your prehistoric crayfish. It's not water-borne either.

Grain: medium, approx. 1.6 mm

Fish, fish oil, products and by-products of oilseeds and cereals.

Food analysis

Crude protein: approx. 45%

Crude fat: approx. 5.5%

Crude fiber: approx. 5%

Ash: about 9%

Humidity: about 10%


Vit.A (IU / kg): approx. 30,000 IU

Vit. D3 (IU / kg): approx. 1,900 IU

Vit. E (mg./kg): approx. 100 mg

Vit. C (mg / kg): approx. 550 mg

Dried water fleas (Daphnia):

Water fleas are rich in minerals and fiber, they also have a high content of proteins and vitamins.

They are a perfect supplemental feed as Daphnia is one of the best natural feeds.