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Are Triops toys or creatures?

Do Triops belong in the pet store or are Tadpole Shrimps rightly placed on a toys shelf? Often the discussion is on whether it is species-appropriate to sell Triops in toy stores. Triops-eggs do not yet contain actual living Tadpole Shrimps. A Triops-egg consists of cells which can turn into Tadpole Shrimps only in combination with water. Nevertheless, Tadpole Shrimps are living beings and you ultimately would not buy a rabbit or a dog in the toy store or supermarket either. We have considered the issue in a bit more detail for you and elaborate below what speaks for selling Tadpole Shrimps as toys and what speaks against it. Triops sets with Tadpole Shrimps considered creatures.

Triopsset Urzeitkrebse Lebewesen

Why could Tadpole Shrimps be placed in the toy shelf?

Tadpole Shrimps as first pet

Tadpole Shrimp are often bought as a first pet for kids for several reasons: On one hand, Triops are very fast-growing animals and one can virtually watch them grow. On the other hand, parents can observe their children’s behaviour as to whether the kids are already mature enough for a pet with a much longer lifespan. Parents can test their children’s diligence and sense of responsibility. Does the kid regularly provide food to his or her Tadpole Shrimp? Is the aquarium being cleaned? Or does your child already lose interest after just a week and the Tadpole Shrimps are dying or starving in their tank?

Short lifespan of Tadpole Shrimps – Little Grieving

Tadpole Shrimp have a low life expectancy. Unlike rabbits, dogs or cats, which can reach an age of more than ten years, Tadpole Shrimp usually, live no longer than three months. During this short life, the bond especially kids build with their Triops is not very tight, as would be the case with a dog.

Why sell Tadpole Shrimp in the pet store

Tadpole Shrimp are not plastic! Tadpole Shrimp are living animals which also have feelings like us humans do. They require food just like any other animal and deserve that one takes care of them appropriately.

Tadpole Shrimp are sold below value

The eggs of Tadpole Shrimps should be generally more expensive. We do not state this out of greed or anything along these lines but for two particular reasons: First of all, the breeding of Tadpole Shrimps and the entire process, ranging from preparing the Triops-eggs to setting up the breeding kits is rather elaborate. Secondly, the appreciation would be somewhat higher if an approach would not cost only 5.99€ but at least 9.99€. Then, perhaps, people would be a bit more caring and more respectful in dealing with their Tadpole Shrimps. A few years ago, the cost of 50 Triops-eggs would be at least 15€, but as a result of the rise of toy manufacturers and hobby breeders, these rates are no longer realistic or feasible. Just because Triops-eggs are very cheap and tiny and a rearing does not always end in success the first time it does not mean that they are not living creatures! Tadpole Shrimps are fascinating animals, there is a reason they are around ever since the time of the dinosaurs. Everyone attempting to begin a Triops-breeding should make sure to be informed about these creatures and read about the matter BEFORE preparing the eggs. Just because you can buy the Triops-eggs in large quantities commercially, it does not mean that you should experiment with it. Most hatcheries do not work because the breeder does not comply with the instructions. Either the water does not exhibit the correct temperature, it is not made use of a lamp, or other mistakes are made. Treat your Tadpole Shrimps with the same care as you would treat a dog. Tadpole Shrimp, too, need to be fed regularly, require fresh water and a clean tank. Our opinion We believe that the rearing sets for Tadpole Shrimps can be placed anywhere – on toy shelves together with experiment sets, as well as in the pet store. But we also believe that the buyers of these sets need to take responsibility and deal with these animals adequately. Everyone should possess a common sense that tells him that these animals cannot and should not live in a basin which not even contains a whole litre of water. To start, and for the first few weeks, the small breeding sets are well suited but once the Tadpole Shrimps reach a size of 2 – 3 centimetres, they should be placed in a larger aquarium. Your opinion matters! Leave a comment about what you think about it.

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